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Congratulations to the 2019 League Championship boys team and 2nd place girls team who both had historic team efforts when it counted most!

League Champions
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2015 2017 2019

8/24: Alex Silva, Adrianne Paderna

8/30​: Grace Uyesaka, Caden Smith

9/4: Thimir Bracamontes, Marcus Hernandez 

​9/12: Antonio Benitez, Aleiyah Knauls

9/19: Jemma Nelson, Jayden Gonzalez

9/26: Max Jauregui, Elle Lomeli

9/28:​ Kindly Cronin, Ryan Kunkel

10/3: Jack Gledhill, Miranda Barajas

10/10: Avery Chaney, Kyler Gunn,                                       Piper Bishop, Jack Beauchamp

10/17: RJ Estrada, Avery Hutchison,
           Andres Diaz, Lauryn Makel

10/23:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Saige Ortiz, Austin Pierce-Joest,                                  Elle Lomeli, Ryan Kunkel

10/25:​ Everybody!
2019 Alta Sierra XC Video

2019 Alta Sierra XC Video Link
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